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dailydose-circular     As Ben and his wife Adrianne, who live in the neighborhood, were walking their three dogs around the Maple Grove Arboretum one day, they got to talking about the lack of good food in the area.  A place where you could enjoy some good soup and a sandwich.  In chatting with their foodie friends Curt and Dana, the idea was expanded to coffee.  There was both a lack of places that serve a good cup of locally roasted coffee and a fresh, made to order food on the north side of Maple Grove .  The idea of Daily Dose was born.

     We envision a place where neighbors and those who work in the area can enjoy a savory bowl of soup, a fresh sandwich made with freshly baked bread or a delectable home-made dessert.  Whether you just have time for a quick lunch or have the time to sit, relax and enjoy a meal, we have your daily dose of edible delights! 

     Whether you prefer a mocha, iced latte or simply a good ol' cup of joe, Daily Dose will not only give you your dose of caffeine, but satisfy your taste buds as well.  We get our fresh beans from local roasters.  Our baristas grind, tamp and pull your espresso drinks on the spot.  We chose to stay away from the super automatic espresso machines that the chain coffee places use.  Those machines make a good shot, but a well trained barista on a more traditional machine can pull amazing shots of espresso!

     We hope you enjoy your visit to Daily Dose!!  If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or concerns please let us know.  Our customers are why we do this, so please let us know how we are doing!

Be114n Havn, co-founder

     Ben, his wife Adrianne and their dogs love to call Maple Grove home.  When they are not working, they try to take advantage of all that the area has to offer, whether it be riding bikes through Elm Creek Park Reserve or walking the dogs through the Maple Grove Arboretum.  

     After graduating from the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!), Ben has spent his career in management providing and emphasizing excellent customer service.  He looks forward to bringing a customer focused atmosphere to Daily Dose.  We want our customers to want more out of their coffee shop!  We want to deliver a better product, in a more customer centric way.  If you have any concerns, comments or suggestions, please let us know either by calling or emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

     When not in Maple Grove,  Ben and Adrianne love camping, hiking, mountain biking, boating and exploring state and national parks.  Some of their favorite local camping spots include Whitewater State Park in MN and Perrot State Park in WI.  Nationally some of their favorites include Crater Lake National Park in Oregon and Great Smoky Mountains National Park in NC and TN.  They are always looking for great new places to camp or hike.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know next time you are in the shop!

     Ben also enjoys home brewing under the alias of the Havn Brewing Company, playing softball and sporadically training for the Maple Grove Triathlon.

img 1935Curt Medina, Co-Founder

     Curt is a lifelong Minnesotan. He grew up on a farm near St. Cloud. He and his lovely wife Dana now reside in Golden Valley with their two wonderful children, Rachel and Tommy. For the past 9 years he has been a stay at home Dad. Prior to that he worked in warehouse management. He said that if he went back to work he wanted to have his own business.

     Curt is big fan of the food network. His favorite shows include Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Iron Chef America, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate. He is always looking for a new and unique food combination. Curt's Dad was born in New Mexico and introduced Curt to spice at an early age. Needless to say Curt likes to spice up his food. Not the insanely hot sauces where your lips go numb, but just to the level that makes your head sweat.   He has been known to add cayenne or jalapenos to just about anything. He has promised not to inflict this pain on the customers of Daily Dose.

Curt is also an avid golfer. There is nothing like being in the great outdoors. He'd love to hear your best golf story or joke when you stop in.

The Best thing he ever ate was: The Filet Mignon at Emeril's in Miami.

                Local Best:  Anything at the 112 eatery.

eGift Cards

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Daily Dose eGift Cards are easy to send and even easier to use! The name of your recipient is automatically entered into our system, so no forgetting or losing the plastic gift cards. Of course, you can still get plastic gift cards in all of our stores if you prefer. 


 **Best Cup of Coffee: Osseo-Maple Grove Press Readers' Choice Awards 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020**

**Best Cup of Coffee: Sun Post Readers' Choice Awards 2020 (Brooklyn Park)**

**Best Dessert: Sun Post Readers' Choice Awards 2020 (Brooklyn Park)**

**Winner Favorite Restaurant: March Madness - Taste of Minneapolis Northwest 2019**

**Best Coffee Shop: Maple Grove Magazine 2015**